I left my native Central Florida in the early '70's after the startling invasion of a giant, three-fingered, cartoon rodent named "Mickey". East Tennessee was the destination where I earned the much prized and always lucrative, Bachelor of Studio Arts degree. Was it Voltaire, or maybe Groucho Marx, that said. “The world has no boundaries when you have no marketable skills”…. During my college years, I bought a camera to shoot my 3-dimensional & 2D art-work. My roommate, the newspaper editor, saw me with the camera and enlisted me to be the photographer for the college newspaper. It was a lampoon kind of rag... My first forays into the darkroom were to put student's heads onto baby’s bodies… Tanks attacking the library… Administration bigwigs in compromising positions. So, my first contact with photography was not some grand artistic mission. It was assignment satire. To this day I still make images, not take images.

A few decades later, I’m still exploring the worlds of “no marketable employment skills” with the skills I’ve learned by never being directly employed.

I live in East Tennessee in a cool, funky house on a large lake with my beautiful wife, Kathy who manages our art gallery. We service three alarmingly large and lazy cats… Life’s good